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We are currently in the process of updating the Rough Guide but you can still download your own pdf copy of the current ROUGH GUIDE to SHEFFIELD. View the most up-to-date information below.

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All Praise is for the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of the Universe.

Alhamdulillah (thanks be to Allah), you have just picked up the Rough Guide for New Muslims in Sheffield or Muslims new to Sheffield.

You may have come from far or been here for many years, your background may be diverse, but your journey to date will be unique. However, we are all linked in our quest to understand our life journey and to make it a path to success. We hope that this guide will make your time in Sheffield as a Muslim just that little bit easier.

A new chapter awaits you and the pages are blank, waiting to be filled with words of wisdom, knowledge and inner peace. Friendships and kind words will provide companionship and encouragement along the way. As you face life’s challenges – whether that includes embarking upon a chosen course of study, a new career, or the intricacies of family life and raising children – remember that your prayers are always heard and your efforts always count, if they are performed for the sake of Allah. Your sincere innermost thoughts and good intentions will be of the greatest value and there are rewards to be reaped in every day.

The time that we have on earth is precious; we must use it well, and make a positive contribution to the society around us. Our talents are a gift from Allah – let us show our appreciation for the bounties that have been bestowed upon us by joining together in our endeavours to create mutual support and outward harmony in society.

We hope you will find this guide useful and may Allah always be your guide and that lead you to be, do and have the best in this world and the next!


NMP-logoThe Sheffield New Muslim Project (NMP) was set up to help and empower people who have already come to Islam or who are interested in knowing more about it.

We are here to provide friendship and support and help you to access the many opportunities that are available for Muslims in Sheffield. Our aim is to be objective and non-judgemental, while helping you to develop a closer relationship with Allah, establish the basics of the religion and to build a good support network.

Although we are now a women-only group, we do have strong links with a group that offers similar support to men through The Message Mosque (ArRisalah Masjid).

You can contact the Sheffield New Muslim Project:

Through our

Through our Facebook page:

By emailing us for more information or to ask to be put on our email list to keep up to date with all our activities:

Or by phone: Sisters: 07927 534 222 Brothers: 07927 519 222

(Please call preferably between 6.00 – 9.00pm if we aren’t able to answer, leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, insha Allah.)


Are there any Islamic study circles in Sheffield?

Study Circles for Sisters. We can signpost you to local groups welcoming to new Muslims.

Study Circles for Brothers Wednesday evenings between Maghrib and Isha. ArRisala Mosque, 51 Montgomery Terrace Road, Sheffield S6 3BW Tel: 07927 519 222


Al-Fatiha Qur’anic recitation and classical Arabic language classes. A course for groups or individual children or adults either in the Imam’s or (depending on location) your own home. Tel: 07824661611.

Fatima Community Centre Wednesday Coffee Morning 10am – 12.00 (during term time) and Sister’s study circle on Saturday evenings 6.30 -7.30. 105 Brunswick Road, Sheffield S3 9LQ.

Masjid Umar Quran classes for women: Tuesday 11am-12.15pm and Sunday 11am-12.15pm 306 Barnsley Road, Sheffield S4 7AH Tel: 0114 256 2170

Masjid Sunnah Advanced level classes for sisters. 18 Kirk Street, Sheffield S4 7JX Tel: 0114 2700668

Muslim Welfare House (Sheffield) Circles in English for sisters on Thursday 6.00pm and talks for families on Friday evenings. 10-12 Severn Road, Sheffield S10 2SU Tel: 0114 267 1969 |

Sheffield Hallam University Islamic Society (ISOC) A sisters’ circle on Tuesdays 6.00pm and occasional talks. Owen 221, City Campus Hallam University, Sheffield S1 1WB Tel: 07450461980

University of Sheffield Islamic Society (USIC) Occasional classes and seminars. University of Sheffield Union of Students, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TG |


One of the first things you are likely to want to know is where your nearest mosque is. This list contains a list of the mosques we like to attend. Hope you find one that you feel comfortable with!

Where can I go to pray in Sheffield?

ArRisala Mosque 51 Montgomery Terrace Rd, Sheffield S6 3BW Tel: 0114 272 9999. Prayer space for 500 men and women. Great for Tarawih Prayer. Friday Prayer Khutbah translated to English. Arabic/English/Somali children’s’ school. Sunni.

Fatima Community Centre 105 Brunswick Road, Sheffield S3 9LQ. Sister’s study circle on Saturday evenings, Wednesday Coffee Morning and Qur’an Class on Thursday, Jumu`ah Prayer for brothers and sisters, weekend school and Ramadan activities. MAB, Sunni.

Markazi Jamia Masjid 13 Industry Road, Sheffield S9 5FP Tel: 0114 244 1500. Prayer space for 1500 men only. Classes for women, men and children. Supportive of new Muslims, although mainly Urdu speaking. Funeral service and Ghusl. Hanafi.

Masjid Sunnah 18 Kirk Street, Sheffield S4 7JX Tel: 0114-2700668 Beginners and advanced level classes for sisters.

Masjid-e-Umer 306 Barnsley Road, Sheffield S4 7AH Tel: 0114 256 2170. Prayer space for men and women. Quran class and children’s school and nursery. Funeral service and Ghusl. Sunni.

Muslim Welfare House (Sheffield) 10-12 Severn Road, Sheffield S10 2SU Tel: 0114 267 1969 | Prayer space for men and women. Classes for men and women in English and Arabic and a children’s Sunday school. MAB. Sunni.

Quba Mosque and Community Centre 120 Worksop Road, Sheffield S9 3TN Tel/Fax: 0114 244 0235 Prayer space for 250 men and 50 women. Children’s classes. Function hall. Mainly Arab community.


Can I borrow Islamic books in Sheffield?

The Sheffield New Muslim Project has a small library of books, which may be of interest to both new and not so new Muslims. They cover a wide range of subjects from the Qur’an, Hadith, Dua` (Prayers), and the Seerah (life of the Prophet) to children’s books.

The collection is currently held at Highfield Library London Road, Sheffield, S2 4NF but we have free copies of the English translation of the qur’an for you to keep.

A few books that you might find useful are:

THE QUR’AN English translation by Saheeh International.
A frequently recommended translation done by convert Muslimahs. We have copies available to give anyone that wants one to keep in both English and Arabic/English – just contact us or visit the Qu’ran project website to order/download a free copy

AN-NAWAWI’S FORTY HADITH Trans. Ezzeddin Ibrahim and Denys Johnson-Davies
A well-known selection of authentic Hadith.

LIFT UP YOUR HEARTS Abdur Rashid Siddiqi
A collection of Friday Khutbahs (sermons) that remind us of our duties in an inspiring and uplifting way.

FIQH US SUNNAH (5 volumes) Sayyid Sabiq
A comprehensive summary of the Islamic rulings on everything from Prayer to Funerals from the four main Schools of Islamic law.

Follows a number of women on their journey to Islam and the story of how a mother dealt with her daughter’s conversion.

A personal account of one man’s search for Allah. The author answers many questions that new Muslims often have to face.


A huge part of learning for those interested in and new to Islam comes from books, and there are some great places to get books about Islam in Sheffield.

Where are the good Islamic bookshops in Sheffield

Some of the places we like are:

Aswaaq Zain 42 Ellesmere Road, Sheffield S4 7JD Tel: 07886873257
A great collection of carefully selected books in English and Arabic as well as clothing and Islamic products

Bab-e-Islam 596 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield S9 3QS Tel: 0114 243 8786
This is a wonderful shop with a wide range of books in English and Arabic, and lots of tapes and CDs, pictures, gifts, health products, prayer mats and a selection of clothing for men and women.

Al-Noor 8 Ellesmere Road (off Spital Hill), Sheffield S4 7JB Tel: 07950 725 007
As well as sorting you out with every fragrance imaginable, they have a good range of books, clothing, scarves, Abayas, Islamic accessories, etc.

Sheffield Central Library has a small, but very good assortment of Islamic books, ranging from the basics to more advanced material.


Where can I find good halal meat in Sheffield?

A few mainstream supermarkets sell halal meat including Tescos off Spital Hill and Morrisons in Hillsborough but otherwise, buying fresh meat can be quite a daunting experience if you’ve never ventured into a Pakistani or Arab butchers before. It’s quite hard to get ‘English’ cuts of meat. The key is to find a shop you’re comfortable with – and to know what to ask for.

If you like your meat with the skin still on and the bones removed, you may have to tell the butcher, as most of the meat that shops sell is for curry. There may be a lot of trial and error at first.

Some of the shops we use are:

  • K Groceries & Halal Meat 52 Sharrow Lane Sheffield S11 8AL. Tel: 0114 255 0561. They sells joints of beef (great for Sunday roasts), and chicken and lamb.
  • Al-Amin Halal Foods 363 Staniforth Road, Sheffield S9 3FP Tel: 0114 244 8599. Good variety of cuts of meat. Animals not stunned before slaughtering
  • Al Yafai Butchers 29 Filey St, Sheffield S10 2FG Tel: 0114 273 0204 Ready-made homemade meals and takeaway. They also sell Black Seed honey and range of spices and do Western Union Money Transfers!
  • Al-Zahir 30 Carlisle Street, Sheffield S4 7LJ. Tel: 0114 275 5355. Cash and carry supermarket. Very clean looking butcher’s department. Best to go in the afternoon, after the meat delivery.
  • Bangla Bazaar 315 Staniforth Road, Sheffield S9 3FP Tel: 0114 244 9408. Bangladeshi run, clean meat and poultry. Love their masala fish and kimya dates!
  • Halan Grocers 10-12 Bellhouse Road, Sheffield S5 6HL. Fresh meat and vegetables, plus freezers with a range of provisions. Clean and cheap.
  • Lebanon Centre 417 Petre Street, Sheffield S4 8LL Tel: 0114 244 5222 They do nice cuts of non-stunned meat red meat, sandwich meats and turkey rashers. It’s friendly, clean and cheaper than the supermarket!
  • Red Sea Continental Store 48 Ellsemere Road, Sheffield S4 7JD Tel: 0114 2759898. Polite Brothers and good service.
  • Rehman and Sons 531 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 1FU. Tel: 0114 2550789 Great supermarket; you can find frozen halal duck, quail and turkey rashers there.
  • Tesco, Spital Hill, Sheffield S4 7UD. Tel: 0845 6719419. Fantastic non-stunned halal meat, frozen, over the counter and in the fridge. They also have English cuts and marinated meat. Quite reasonable prices and really really clean!

Other main supermarkets now have halal or Asian freezer sections, so keep an eye out for them too.



cup of teaAs reverts/converts/new Muslims ourselves, we know that life can change a lot when you come to Islam; sometimes it seems as if your social life just dies a death! While many of this society’s social activities are based around drinking, there are alcohol-free alternatives. If you want to go out and avoid alcohol…these are the favourite places where NMPers go out eat or just to meet up with friends for a coffee or tea:

  • Amigos Mexican Kitchen 224-230 London Road, Sheffield S2 4LW Tel: 0114 2585900. Great Mexican halal meals at great prices or you can just meet up for coffee or order a takeaway. The chocolate brownie is fab! Great staff, very friendly.
  • Des Amis 97-99 Chesterfield Rd, Sheffield S8 0RN Tel: 0114 258 0142 Delicious Turkish/Middle Eastern/French food. A great place to meet for coffee or a meal. Make sure you save room for scrummy deserts!
  • Diddy Cool 84 London Road, Sheffield S2 4 LR Tel: 0114 2728770 Scrumptious ice cream, cookies and milkshakes! (Everything is halal, except their rocky road stuff)
  • Jam Rock Cafe 237 London Road, Sheffield, S2 4NF. Tel: 0114 2551722. Wonderful Caribbean food. All the food they serve is halal.
  • Kebabish, 25-27 Wicker, Sheffield S3 8HS. Tel: 0114 273 0008. Indian, Grill and Burger Restaurant and takeaway. Great food at good prices.
  • La Perle 39 The Wicker, Sheffield S3 8HS Tel: 0114 278 0074. An Algerian patisserie and restaurant, serving delicious cakes and halal hot meals. Upstairs function room can be booked free of charge (if eating La Perle food).
  • Mirpuri Dhera 261 Staniforth Road, Sheffield S9 3FP Tel. 0114 244 9199. Pakistani/Kashmiri/Indian buffet at reasonable prices. Prayer space available.
  • Smokey’s Diner, 539 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3RP Tel: 0114 2449836 an American-styled eaterie. Very reasonable prices for great tasting freshly made burgers.
  • Shere Khan Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield North, Sheffield S9 1EQ It’s in the lower part of the ‘Oasis’ for those looking for something to eat when in Meadowhall
  • Subway, Unit 5 Valley Centertainment, Sheffield S9 2EP Tel: 0114 2446259. Or at the BP Gas Station, 561 Greenland Road S9 5HZ Yes, you can get halal un-stunned meat in Subways here!
  • Yummies Dessert Bar Owler Lane, Firvale Sheffield S4 8GF Tel: 0114 3486412 Tel: 07708939462. A great place those with a sweet tooth! Milkshakes, cakes and desserts; and now serving halal steaks and main courses too. A separate sister’s/family room!

And if you’re craving for a halal fish and chip shop (one that cooks the fish separate from the meat and doesn’t add beer to the batter), these are some places we’ve found:

  • Pacific Catch 190 Main Road, Darnall, Sheffield S9 5HQ
  • Page Hall Halal Fisheries 21 Page Hall Road, Sheffield S4 8GS


Looking for modest clothing?

When you first become a Muslim, clothing can be a massive issue, but past experience has taught us that you don’t need to throw out all your old clothes – you can still wear most of them at home. It often takes a while and a lot of trial and error for a new Muslim to find a style of dress that meets the Islamic criteria and that they feel comfortable wearing when they go out.

If you’re looking for Islamic clothing shops, these are some of the places we go to:

For traditional Islamic clothing:

Many of the Islamic bookshops (see the earlier page) also stock a range of jilbabs (long ‘coats’ for women), hijabs (head scarves), jubbahs (long ‘shirts’ for men) and kufis (men’s rimless hats), etc.

Aswaaq Zain 42 Ellesmere Road, Sheffield S4 7JD Tel: 07977981627 They’re great! They have beautiful jilbabs and hijabs.

Khimaar 559 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield S7 1TA Tel: 07786778981. A great selection of abayas and hijabs for different tastes at reasonable prices.

Asian clothes shops

You can get ready made kameeses (tunics), although they may not be well fitted, or you can buy nice fabric in most Asian shops that you can have sewn. The fabric is normally quite cheap and it costs around £10 – £15 to have an outfit sewn. A useful tip is to take a loose top that fits you well so it can be used as a guide.

These are some places where we go to get clothes sewn:

Ain Al’Saba Tel: 07533 866602. Sheffield 3. Specialises in tailoring abayas, dresses, skirts, salwar kameez, alterations, etc. from home. Sisters only.

Fashion Ways 621 Greenland Road, Sheffield S9 5HH Tel: 0114 2447833. They make Asian suits and beautiful tailored jilbabs (you have to get your own material).

The High Street If you keep your eyes open you can pick up some cool scarves and loose outfits in many different price ranges. Some of our favourite shops are: H&M, Primark, New Look, Matalan, Tie Rack, Sainsbury, TJ Hughes, Accessorize.


Just because you have to cover, sisters, doesn’t mean that you stop wanting to pamper yourself and looking good! It can be tricky though finding a hairdresser or beauty salon where you don’t have to sit in the window and have everyone watching while you’re having your hair cut.

We’re still looking for good men-only places (can you recommend any?), but here are a few of the ladies-only places that we’ve found:

Beauty Beneath 620 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield S9 3QS Tel: 0114 242 2122 Email: Sister Afshan is highly recommended. She does all sorts of hair and beauty treatments in her very friendly, women-only salon (concealed window for full privacy). Facilities for ladies in hijab – must enquire on bookings.

Essential Beauty 605-607 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield S9 3RD Tel: 01142449905 A professional beauty salon offering a massive range of hair, beauty and well-being services. Just be sure when you book to let them know you are a Muslim woman to get the private booth and a female beautician.

Ethical Hair and Holistic Therapy Intake Tel: 07914807802. Claire offers a ladies-only hairdressing either in her home or at yours. She also offers Swedish massage and Pamper Days. Support a new-Muslim’s business!

Glamour Within 7 Midvale Avenue, Sheffield S6 3HJ Tel: 07818185939. Nail, foot, body and eye care. The sister runs the business from her converted garage. She’s very friendly mashaAllah and does a very good job.

Jeanette’s Ladies Salon 15 Commonside, Sheffield S10 1GA Tel: 0114 266 2788 They have a special concealed area for sisters that cover. Competitively priced as well!

Spa 1877 67 Victoria Street, Sheffield S3 7QD Tel: 0114 2211877 Sheffield’s original Victorian Turkish Baths. Spa 1877 offers the latest hair and beauty treatments: a hammam, steam room, sauna, plunge pool, ice cave, relaxation area and luxury beauty treatments. Women-only sessions and group bookings.


gymConcord Sports Centre Shiregreen Lane, Sheffield S5 6AE. Tel: 0114 257 0053. Ladies only classes available. Ladies only swimming Tuesday and Friday afternoon. Check whether the female lifeguard is on duty!

Heeley Baths Broadfield Road, Sheffield S8 0XQ, Tel: 0114 250 0443 Women-only swimming sessions, including deep water and lane swimming on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Women only lifeguards.

One Nation Gym 22 Leyburn Road, Sheffield S8 0ZA Tel: 070402382806 or 07401382806 Women and girls over 13 only Kick Boxing sessions on Tuesdays and Sundays, 10-11.15.

Revitalize Fitness Aimee Rogers is a personal trainer based in Sheffield specializing in female only fitness. She can do one-on-one training in the privacy of your home or offer Home Workout Programmes

Sakinah Darnall Women’s Health Group, Church of Christ, Station Road, Sheffield S9 4JT. Tel: 07891 879213 Pilates with Exercise. Women only, No music.

Zest 18 Upperthorpe, Sheffield S6 3NA Tel: 0114 2702040/01742 724843. Gym and swimming with women and men-only sessions. Women’s step aerobics, zumba, boxercise and aerotone. Pay per session or monthly. Reduced rates for those on low incomes.


The Cube Foundation A community-based organisation. Projects include: Da`wah Information Stall; a Food and Clothing bank; Litter picks; Writers Reading Circle; Madrassa, Arabic and Quran Classes for Children; and Tajweed classes for men and women. 226 Darnall Road, Sheffield S9 5AN Tel: 07538280207,

Islamic Society of Britain This has a youth wing, the Young Muslims UK (YM), and organizes camps, courses, publications, lectures, and localized projects.

MAB (Muslim Association of Britain) – Sheffield Branch Regular activities for all levels and also training for those who want to become more involved in Da’wah. 12a Severn Road, Sheffield S10 2SU Tel: 0114 268 3458

Muslim Chaplain for the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (Hallamshire/Northern, Children’s and Mental Health Units) The Chaplain and a team of volunteers visit support patients, staff and families through difficulties, loss and bereavement; and do bathing and shrouding on death. Sabia Rehman, A Floor, Royal Hallamshire Hospital. Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2JF, Tel: 0114 271 718, Mobile: 07930200506

Sheffield Hallam University Islamic Society (ISOC) Social and support group for Muslim students. Multifaith Chaplaincy Centre, Owen Building, Level 2, City Campus Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield S1 1WB Tel: 0114 225 3813

Sheffield Heritage Foundation Through the provision of Eid celebrations and recreational programmes, they aim to provide a culturally inclusive environment that welcomes Muslim and non-Muslim families.

University of Sheffield Islamic Society (USIC) Social and support group for Muslim students. University of Sheffield Union of Students, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TG


Iqra Promotions They provide a range of nasheed artists and halal entertainment for weddings and events. 596 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield S9 3QS Tel: 0114 243 8786

Living Islam Camp This is an amazing camp organized by the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) that happens every two years at the Lincolnshire Showground.

Muslim Now The New Muslim department of iERA, offering a Free Welcome Pack containing a selection of essential information for the first few weeks after accepting Islam and great Residential Education Retreats.

National New Muslim Project The national New Muslim Project based in Leicester provides a point of communication for new Muslims and New Muslim Projects throughout the UK.

Suh’ba Girls Youth Club (Cube Foundation project) Every Sunday 2 – 4pm 50p per session Providing a safe, comfortable and halal environment for girls aged 12 – 19yrs. Starworks, Darnall Education Centre, Darnall Road, Sheffield S9 5AF Tel: 07581024386

YMA (Yorkshire Muslim Academy) as well as offering evening classes for children 5-16+, funeral services, Jum`uah Prayers, they also offer:

  • Bright Stars Nursery Ofsted registered nursery 2 to 5 year olds.
  • Oak Tree High School Ofsted registered Girl’s High School, currently offering years 7 and 8.
    Bland St, Sheffield S4 8DG Tel: 01142447777

Youth Club Osgathorpe Park Earl Marshal Road, Sheffield S4 7A Saturdays 12-2pm It is aimed at boys aged 8 and above. Activities such as indoor pool, table tennis, PS3 also outdoor pitch to play football etc. FREE!


“Don’t feel pressured to get married”

“Take Islam at your own pace. Don’t let anyone rush you and make sure you find out about everything for yourself.”

“Be gentle with yourself; life is a journey and you can’t learn everything in one go.”

“The first week was the worst; I nicknamed it ‘panic week’, but I had my friends for support, but above all I had Allah.”

“I wish someone had told me in my first year of being Muslim just to chill out! I worried a lot about all the things I needed to change, but I would have made more progress without all that worry!”

“Don’t learn in isolation; try to join a circle where you can make friends and have a laugh!”

“If things are difficult with your family on coming to Islam, there’s always someone at the SNMP who’s been through the same thing to talk to.”

“When you start to pray, you only need to pray the 5 obligatory prayers and, as your Islam grows, you can start to introduce optional prayers when you feel you want to – I have heard of people being told they have to pray every prayer from day one!’’

“I find that if you tell people at work asap it makes prayer and Ramadan much easier. I find generally people are interested and very supportive.”

“When I first started experimenting with a head scarf, I just used to wear it to the supermarket, as I always used to see Muslims in there! It took about a year for me to feel comfortable wearing it everywhere, and now I feel bare without it!”

“Don’t feel pressured into getting married as soon as you become Muslim. You will need time to find your feet before you can think about that.”

“Don’t think you have to do everything from day one.”

‘When I feel like there’s too much to remember and too many things that I have to do, I remember that the Qur’an took 23 years to be revealed, so I won’t be able to do everything overnight. I just need to do my best with the best intention. ’’


All the information contained in this Rough Guide has been gathered by members of the New Muslim Project, and is either based on their own recommendations or word of mouth. Information about organisations has only been included if it was able to be confirmed and it is correct, as far as we know, at the time of going to press. No payment has been received from any organisation included in this Guide.


Download your own pdf copy of the ROUGH GUIDE

If you find any of the information out of date or wish to add suggestions, please contact us.