Women’s activities

Assalamu alaykum (peace be upon you) and hi!

If you’re interested about learning more about Islam, please get in touch. This group can offer support if:

  • you’ve heard about Islam and just want to know more
  • you’re thinking of becoming a Muslim
  • you’ve recently said your Shahadah to become Muslim (Testimony of Faith)
  • you’re new to Sheffield and would like to meet a great group of English speaking Muslim sisters


SNMP Activities

Social events

Saturday 27th August 2016

Meeting at park or play centre depending on weather – Sisters and children

Saturday 24th September 2016

Eid trip to Cannon Hall Farm – Sisters and children, transport from Sheffield to be arranged

Saturday 29th October 2016

Sisters meal out – no children (babies welcome)


Study Circle Programme

At the moment we are not holding regular study circles as the demand is being met by other groups (see below). If you would like someone from NMP to accompany you to one of the other groups then please contact us.

If there is demand for covering basic topics then we are happy to organise one-off workshops – please contact us if you are interested.

We will continue to arrange social events.

Past topics

August 2015

Sunday 23/8/15 Clothes swap social with a short reminder

September 2015

Sunday 6/9/15 Hajj

October 2015

Sunday 4/10/15 Coping with challenges as a new Muslim

November 2015

Sunday 1/11/15 Topic to be confirmed

December 2015

Sunday 6/12/15 The life of the Prophet’s (pbuh) companion Bilal

January 2016

Sunday 3/1/16 Tawheed and Surah Ikhlas

February 2016

Sunday 7/2/16 Female companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Sunday 6/3/16 Introducing the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Sunday 3/4/16 Bring a dish social and AGM

Friday 15th April ‘Back to basics’ drop in session: the prayer (salah)

Friday 29th April ‘Back to basics’ drop in session: the prayer (salah)

Friday 13th May ‘Back to basics’ drop in session: Ramadan
Friday 27th May ‘Back to basics’ drop in session: Ramadan

Sheffield Circles for Sisters

You may like to check out these local circles in English for women that are welcoming to new Muslims and those interested in learning about Islam.